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Website Design

Online Web Brochure A single page website hosted on $79 flat fee.

Basic Website Sites like this are great for online brochures or general information. Pricing is normally $60-90 per page plus $100 for a design. Sites vary from one to several pages.

Portal website For companies looking to build a community around their products and/or services. Portals allow the company to create their own, dynamic content. Articles, calendars, message boards, glossaries, FAQs, and more can all be included. Because of the availability of prewritten templates and software, a portal can be up and running in a matter of days and ready for use. Typical setup with a stock template: $499

E-Commerce Site An extension of the basic site with additional catalog pages for products to be purchased online. The product pages are all created dynamically from a database, so a single page design can be used to display hundreds of products. Products can easily be updated online at any time to allow promotions and give you complete control over your website. E-Commerce sites start at $799 for a complete site design.

Other services

Website Hosting Basic hosting includes 100 MB of storage, 1,000 MB/month data transfer and up to 10 email addresses for your business. Priced at $15/month.

Email Only Hosting $30 per year for email hosting on your domain.

Custom programming We also offer custom programming to enhance your ability to promote your website by tracking visitors and customers. Our website programming is done in PHP, Flash, html, and javascript. Custom programming is quoted per hour.

Graphics/Logo Design We can create custom graphics for your website or scan your existing artwork. Prices vary depending on complexity and size.

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